About Us

Owners: Ryan & Sandy Meyers

Ryan and Sandy Meyers are the third generation farming the 175 acre Meyers Farm. Originally bought in 1946 by Ryan's Grandpap, the farm has continued to grow in different ways throughout the years. Ryan bought the farm from his parents in 2010, but his Dad can still be seen working on the farm, including in the greenhouse!

Dairy Farming is where our farm began, and this is the portion of the farm that Ryan first began taking responsibility for in 1994. The farm operated as a dairy until September 2021. While we no longer have milk cows, we still raise dairy heifers until they calve, at which time we milk them for a few days before they move to a milking herd. Calves are kept and raised, heifers for dairy replacements, and bulls raised as steers for beef. You will likely see our girls (and boys) grazing comfortably in the pastures around our farm as you drive in!

We crop farm approximately 300 acres, renting ground surrounding our farm. The crops we grow are used to feed our animals, and any excess is sold to be used by other farmers.

The Meyers Farm Pig Barn was built in 1999. We raise 2100 pigs from feeders to finished hogs. You may hear (and smell) our pigs when you are visiting the You-Pick Pumpkin Patch!!

In 2005, Ry-An Meyers LLC Bus Company was founded. We currently have 10 routes servicing Chambersburg Area School District.

In November of 2020 we purchased our first greenhouse, and opened our doors in the Spring of 2021. In June of 2021 we put in our mum pad, and began growing 4,000 mums. This lead to our first Fall season last year. We have since purchased a second greenhouse, and continued adding experiences for our customers!

Diversification is a business strategy Ryan has adopted from his father, Dean Meyers. We are proud of our agricultural roots that allow us the opportunity to serve our community in a variety of ways. We look forward to serving you for years to come!